Post2Post Hockey Podcast

Join Neil & Brent from the Post2Post YouTube show as we discuss all things hockey and all teams. New episodes released every weekend!

About Our Podcast

Hello and thank you for checking out the Post2Post Podcast!

For several years Neil and I have been wanting to create a podcast, and with the recent growth of the Post2Post show on YouTube we thought why not extend that brand by creating a weekly podcast show! As mentioned in our first episode, we plan on releasing a new podcast episode weekly every Sunday night, in addition to the regular YouTube uploads that many of you already enjoy.

Things will undoubtedly be a little rough around the edges as we work out the kinks, but we hope you will stick around and listen to our show each week.

If you have any feedback whatsoever, contact us anytime on Twitter @post2postshow or send us an email at

Thank you!